German medical translation

You want to be sure that your next medical or wellness-related translation projects are in safe hands? Save yourself time and effort and let me make them a success for you—in German.

Opt for German medical translation services by MTB Translations

MTB Translations offers the following linguistic services:

  • German Translation
  • German Localization & Transcreation
  • German MTPE
  • German Proofreading & Editing

No need to worry about your German medical translations anymore

German medical translation projects can be challenging. You need a freelance partner who delivers quality work within the deadline, of course. Moreover, accurate translations with correct and precise terminology are key, especially in the world of health and medicine. And in the end, you really don’t want to let your clients or your audience down with poor results and flawed copy. Which means – you need a German medical translator you can truly rely on.

Your reliable German medical translator is here!

I specialize in the following domains:

  • Medicine
  • Life sciences
  • Health care
  • Psychology
  • Mental health
  • Mindfulness and self-care
  • Wellness

You need someone who can localize your content in a way that really engages the German-speaking audience? A creative approach is needed for your specific translation?

I’ll take your message and transform it into crystal-clear and appealing German. Let’s increase your turnover and client numbers in German-speaking countries.

I offer medical and psychology translations from English, French and Russian into German. I also work with the Austrian German variant. Besides that, I have a large network of trusted colleagues to help meet your translation, proofreading and editing needs in various languages.

I’ll help you serve your clients well with my expert linguistic services.

Looking for something else? Please get in touch—I might be able to help!

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